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You loved winter as a kid — get that feeling back.

  • There is nothing more kid-like than a treat on a stick. Come enjoy a sleigh ride through the maple bush at Fulton’s Maple or Wheeler’s Maple Syrup Camp and try maple cotton candy or something yummy from the Taffy Shack.

  • Explore 23,000 square km of majestic wilderness on a snowmobile with Back Country tours, or glide through an icy forest being pulled by a pair of Siberian Huskies at Winterdance Dogsled Tours. For the truly fearless, we double dare you to attempt our 50-foot, man-made ice wall at Camp Madeba with Yours Outdoors.

  • Fly down Ontario’s highest public ski hill vertical drop with a huge grin on your face at Calabogie Peaks; and the opportunities for tobogganing and skating on a frozen pond are endless. You will be awe-inspired when we show you some of nature’s best special effects.

  • Take a few runs down our newest Tube Park at Mount Pakenham. Add some tomfoolery and stuff some snow down a friend's back! Run or expect retaliation - eventually someone will have to say "uncle". Come let nature’s blush add a hint of colour to your cheeks. Just like they used to be.

  • Wander outside in your bathing suit at Tay River Reflections and enjoy a hot tub, red cedar sauna and all the snow you can roll around in. When you head inside any of our quaint hotels or inns, our warmth and hospitality will melt everything. Sit by a fire and play a board game, while you contemplate your next adventure. Don’t forget to spice up your hot chocolate with a little extra something.