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  • Regardless of what you’re looking for – a breath of fresh air, an eye opening experience, or a bite that will awaken your tastebuds – find it in Ontario’s Highlands. Summer is a magical season across the region, where our trails through towering forests come to life, our scenic lookouts provide crisp, breathtaking views, our lakes and waterways offer moments of refreshment, and we celebrate as friends, beneath the sun. Step out of the every day and wander into our world to discover the serene sounds of a lakeside retreat, the tastes of fresh, local food, the feel of the chilly water splashing on hot skin, and the bold sights created by nature. Come wander Ontario’s Highlands – you won’t want to leave.

  • Take advantage of the long days of summer by letting the radiant sun and warm air breathe life back into your world. Watch as colours become brighter and flavours more luscious. Feel the burst of rich juice from fresh blueberries exploding on your tongue at Hugli’s Blueberry Ranch or travel to the heart of Burnstown to savour the local flavours at the Blackbird Café.

  • Tired of listening to the sounds of car horns and crowded public transit? Let Ontario’s Highlands fill your world with singing birds and whistling winds. Trade in the noise of the city for the flowing water of the Drag River during a stay at Sunny Rock Bed & Breakfast. Slow the pace, feel the breeze on your skin, and let fresh air fill your lungs as you marvel at the beauty of the natural world. Get lost and find yourself among the elegant whimsy of the Haliburton Sculpture Forest.

  • There’s nothing better than the splash of cool water against sun-warmed skin on a hot day. Surround yourself with friends and prepare for that sensation as the rapids of the Ottawa River rumble beneath you with OWL Rafting. Looking for an extra thrill? Hold tight and paddle hard with Wilderness Tours, then take a deep breath and close your eyes before taking the 150ft leap off Ontario’s only bungee tower. And there is no better way to relax your muscles and share your stories with friends than over a pint at Whitewater Brewing Co.

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  • Prepare to dance under the sun, laugh with friends and family, and celebrate local flavours at festivals and events across Ontario’s Highlands. Pull on your Blue Suede Shoes and get All Shook Up at the Tweed Tribute to Elvis Festival August 21-23. Let yourself be serenaded and watch thousands of rhinestones glisten in the sunlight as the town fills with Kings. Be amazed by the performances at Puppets Up! and watch your children’s faces break into smile at this playful event August 5-7. Breathe in the pungent aroma of garlic and celebrate this ‘stinking rose’ and all of its uses at the Perth Garlic Festival August 13-14.

  • Leave the every day behind and discover the history and unique geology of Ontario’s Highlands, hidden just below the surface. Celebrate the rich geology of our land and the bounties it offers during the Rockhound Gemboree. Marvel at the ingenuity of early settlers as you tour the Silver Queen Mine at Murphy’s Point Provincial Park or travel back in time and put yourself in the shoes of South Hastings’ miners while exploring the Miner’s Loop. Feel the weight of some of our unique rocks and minerals in your hand with a visit to Princess Sodalite Mine then grab your pick and dig in at the rock farm.

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