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The Power of Water

The Fourth Chute of the Bonnechere Valley

Water may be a familiar theme for outdoor activity, but think about water a little differently, and you’ll start to see its effects in every outdoor activity in the Highlands.

Erosion, fueled by water and ice, tears down mountains. Rain feeds rivers that wash loose debris out to sea. Snow piles up to form glaciers, scouring the land down to its foundation. Meltwaters carve deep chasms into solid rock. The Highlands has seen warm tropical beaches, the murky depths of oceans, two-kilometre-thick sheets of ice, cold inland seas, and even whales! What it all boils down to is: without water, ours would be a very different landscape today. Whitewater Capital of Canada? That’s Recreational Geology!

Water has the power to change the way you experience Ontario’s Highlands – it’s changed us!

Immerse Yourself :

The Bonnechere Caves - In 1853, a government surveyor made the first note on the caves’ existence – two words: subterranean channels. One hundred years later, a WWII flying ace tied a rope around his waist and rediscovered Ontario’s most extensive underground caverns. Visit the caves today and relive his harrowing adventure!
The Bonnechere MuseumWritten in stone, carved in wood, silvered in water: the Bonnechere Museum presents life along the Bonnechere River – all 500 million years of it! The Museum offers displays of local geology, guided fossil hunts, interpretive walking tours, and information about the brand new Geology & Fossil Trail where you can find your own ancient sea creatures.
The Ottawa Valley has been an important route for settlement and trade for thousands of years, but it’s hard to get a full sense of it when you’re right there in the bottom. Hop on your bike and take a tour to Ontario’s highest populated place for a good look; make an interpretive stop along the way, and check out the abandoned radar base while you’re there.
The Geomorphology Hike – Why are the roads in the Highlands so twisty-turny; why do we have so many lakes and rivers? Learn how the earth takes it’s shape as you explore beautifully-maintained nature trails and stunning views on the former Frost Centre property in Algonquin Highlands.
The Lochlin Esker & Wetlands – An esker is a long, snaky pile of tumbled stones that glaciers sometimes leave behind as they melt, and it’s a rare thing to find in this neck of the woods. Join your hosts Don and Mary Wright for a guided tour about what this unusual feature means to the ecology of their spectacular piece of the Highlands.


Go underground in the Bonnechere Caves

Fluted channels in the Bonnechere Caves carved by fast-moving water.

10,000 year old whale bones from the Champlain Sea, 7,000 lakes to play in, First Nations and European settlement, the Rideau Heritage Route, and of course, whitewater rafting on the Ottawa River – there’s so much to explore along the storied waterways of Ontario’s Highlands that this is just, well… the tip of the iceberg!

And don’t forget about these other great ways to experience the different facets of Recreational Geology in Ontario’s Highlands:

Come to know the story of our Earth

Dig for buried treasure in Canada’s Mineral Capital.
Learn geology’s role in the Highlands’ industrial revolution.
Experience the Mica Festival and live geoheritage in Lanark.
Come to know Ontario’s Highlands’ undiscovered country.

Location: 16151 Ontario 41 , Cloyne

Located on a favourite destination for painters and photographers, this park north of Napanee is renowned for Mazinaw Rock. This 1.5-kilometre sheer rock face rises 100 metres above Mazinaw Lake, one of the deepest lakes in Ontario.

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Location: 1247 Fourth Chute Rd, Eganville

The Bonnechere Caves are truly a unique experience for all ages. A visit leaves one with a better understanding and respect for our dynamic planet. We provide a safe, educational, informative and fun tour for people of all ages.

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Location: 85 Bonnechere Street, Eganville

Bonnechere Museum, also known as the Ordovician Fossil Capital of Canada, presents both the natural and cultural history of life as it developed along the Bonnechere River.

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Location: 247 River Rd, Barry's Bay

We offer 2 hour family Rafting trips for ages 2 and up. You can find us 1 hour from the East Gate of Algonquin Park, outside of beautiful Barry's Bay.

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Location: 40 OWL Lane, Foresters Falls

OWL combines an exciting whitewater trip down the Ottawa River with a delicious BBQ meal on the return Pontoon Cruise to the lakeside resort. Family, 1 & 2 Day Packages embark daily from May to September. 90 min from Ottawa. No experience necessary.

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Location: 76 Bonnechere Street, Eganville

Rio Tap & Grill sits along the Bonnechere river. Enjoy dining on our patio overlooking the water. Try our Gourmet Burgers, pizza's paired with local brew. Saturday nights Prime Rib!Check out our Chubbie Chicken, great for summer dining.Take out available

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