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Heritage Mica Days, Perth.

Geoheritage is a term that has been used to encompass everything from the deep forces of the earth that shape our land, to the soil geochemistry that sustains certain species of wildlife in the environment. All of this is true, but here in Ontario’s Highlands, we also like to think of it as a more personal experience of how this land – our Earth – makes us who we are. The unusual geology which defines the Highlands and spawned a backyard mining industry that sustained weary homesteaders through the 1800′s… The stories of original families that can be read in local stone, quarried nearby to build town halls and post offices… The unique affinity we all have for this land we call home – each in our own way… That’s geoheritage.

Live the Geoheritage of Ontario’s Highlands:

Become a Part of the Rock Cycle in Lanark - Grab your bike and stop by Matheson House Museum in downtown Perth where you’ll meet Ontario’s Highlands most notable recreational geologist. Then ride through a billion years of the Earth’s history over 18 scenic kilometers before you arrive at Murphys Point Provincial Park for a guided underground tour of a turn-of-the-century mica mine.
Get up-close and personal with our Earth in Wilberforce – Experience a different facet of the environment with a personal tour of Greenmantle Farm – a pristine 400 acre wilderness rich in crystallized mineral exposures, and the wide range of species that thrive because of them.
Take a Recreational Geology studio tour - On a 100 mile diet? Try 100 mile decor! Ontario’s Highlands isn’t what it was 100 years ago, and neither are the products of the mining industry. Sulfur, hydrofluoric acid, and arsenic have given way to locally-sourced raw materials for artisans and craftspeople.
Tour the Land Between – Ontario’s Highlands is home to one of the largest, and most diverse areas of habitat transition in the entire province. Between the St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Canadian Shield you’ll find a unique ecosystem full of rare species, special landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage.
Learn the Algonquin Way in Golden Lake - With an extensive collection of First Nations’ artifacts and interpretive activities, you can peer a little deeper into the Highlands’ industrious past. You’ll find industry and trade dating back thousands of years in the carefully selected and gathered stone used for tools and ornamentation.
Trilliums at Greenmantle Farm, geology preserve, in Wilberforce

Trilliums at Greenmantle Farm, geology preserve, in Wilberforce

Geoheritage is the unique landscape that defines Ontario’s Highlands, and the myriad of species that flourish in our backyard. It is a storied past of hardships and gain, and a culture of celebrating our environment and treasured opportunities to connect with it and show it off.

Experience our Earth in a different way – through our eyes – in Ontario’s Highlands.



Come to know the story of our Earth

Dig for buried treasure in Canada’s Mineral Capital.
Learn geology’s role in the Highlands’ industrial revolution.
Immerse yourself in the historic waters of the Ottawa Valley.
Come to know Ontario’s Highlands’ undiscovered country.

Location: 8 Hastings Heritage Way, Bancroft

Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce mandate is to promote and develop Bancroft & District as a great place to live, work and visit. The Chamber exists to enrich the quality of the economic and civic well being.

(613) 332-1513
Location: 8 Hastings Heritage Way, Bancroft

The Bancroft Mineral Museum is owned and operated by the Bancroft Gem and Mineral Club. It features exceptional examples of minerals from within a 100km radius of Bancroft. Also featuring educational resources for schools and universities.

(613) 332-1513
Location: 2243 Elm Grove Road, Perth

We work to enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the park. The annual Heritage Mica Festival interprets the Silver Queen Mine and its history. The archaeology program brings history to life for students working with professional archaeologists.

(613) 267-5340
Location: 1984 Essonville Line, Wilberforce

Enjoy a day of Geo-caching on our undisturbed property and discover many rare minerals. Come and enjoy a guided tour of our pristine mineral sites on 300 acres which includes a cave, waterfalls, springs, flora and fauna.

(705) 448-3948
Location: 9 Matthew St, Marmora

Obtain information here for various mining heritage points-of-interest such as Marmoraton Mine, Deloro Mine, Miner's Loop. Also, small display of local rocks and minerals.

(613) 472-1515
Location: 11 Gore St. E, Perth

Built in 1840 this beautiful stone dwelling now houses the Perth Museum. The Museum houses a rich collection of local history and is located in downtown Heritage Perth. Open 7 days a week.

(613) 267-1947

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