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Come to know the story of our Earth



A Major 'First' for Wilberforce

In 2010, the Municipality of Highlands East became the first municipality in the province to hold unpatented mining claims! Why, you ask? Near Wilberforce, they discovered some great places to collect… Read More

A Reel Adventure at Limerick Lake

Get an early start on your fishing day at Limerick Lake Lodge & Marina, located only 30 kilometres from Bancroft. The marina has a launch ramp and boat rentals available by the hour (or by the week). You… Read More

A Treasured Event: The Rockhound Gemboree

Join rock collectors, gem enthusiasts, geologists, and mineral experts from far and wide at the next annual Rockhound Gemboree in Bancroft. This summer event brings together rock and mineral dealers that… Read More

Become a Part of "the Rock Cycle" in Perth

With so many beautiful routes for touring and historic sights to see along the way, Heritage Perth has long been a favoured destination for cyclists. The Perth Chamber of Commerce has taken this a step… Read More
Frost Centre Geomorphology Hike

Take the Frost Centre's Geomorphology Hike

Fall colours: an image that typifies the world famous landscape of Ontario’s Highlands. Ours is a land of sharp contrasts – towering cliffs and vibrant wetlands, lush forests and barren outcrops. You… Read More
Uranophane from the Faraday Mine, Bancroft Ontario

Come see the fully-restored, new and improved, Bancroft Mineral Museum

The Bancroft Mineral Museum has been the jewel in the crown of Canada's Mineral Capital since 1985 - a place to get inspired before a dig, find helpful information, and meet like-minded folk - but after… Read More
Brigitte Gall collecting tremolite at the Grace Lake Road Occurrence

Dig for buried Treasure in Canada's Mineral Capital

There's no better way to get introduced to the rewarding outdoor activity of Rockhounding than to join up with an expert for a guided field-trip. In the Mineral Capital of Canada you can do just that.… Read More
Ontario's First Gold Mine

Experience Ontario's Highlands Gold Mining Heritage in Eldorado

Travel back in time almost 150 years to relive Ontario's Highlands very own gold rush! In 1866, local division courthouse clerk, Marcus Powell, stumbled upon a cave twelve feet long, six feet high, and… Read More

Find Fossils in the Bonnechere Caves

Journey deep into the Bonnechere Caves, a geological wonder that was millions of years in the making! Over 500 million years ago, the Caves were at the bottom of a tropical sea. That sea is long gone,… Read More

Find rose quartz, aquamarine, and more in Quadeville

Whether you're looking for fine examples or rare minerals, pretty rocks for your garden, gem-quality amazonite, rose quartz and aquamarine, or just something different to do with the family this summer,… Read More

Get Down to Earth in Haliburton

Rock out on this day trip in the Haliburton Highlands, where you can learn about the geological features of the region, explore mineral deposits, and spend time in the beautiful outdoors. Yours Outdoors… Read More

Get Up-Close and Personal with Our Earth in Wilberforce

Ever wonder why a particular species of plant grows where it does, and nowhere else? What makes water pool in some places, and force its way around and through others? What defines a habitat, and why do… Read More
Find fossils in Eganville, Ordovician Fossil Capital of Canada

Hunt for Fossils in Eganville: Ordovician Fossil Capital of Canada!

What's an Ordovician? Aside from being a mouthful, the Ordovician (or-duh-vi-shun) period in Earth's History was a time when parts of Ontario's Highlands were at the bottom of a warm tropical sea - about… Read More

Learn the Algonquin Way in Golden Lake

Of course, the main reason to visit the Algonquin Way Cultural Centre near Eganville, is to follow in the footsteps of a people whose history in Ontario's Highlands predates our European ancestors by many,… Read More

Pay a Visit to the Ontario Geological Survey

There's a very good reason why the district office of the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines for Southern Ontario is right here in Ontario's Highlands; our region has more documented mineral occurrences… Read More
Marmora Mine - a 75 Acre Man-made Lake

Relive Ontario's Highlands Industrial Heritage on the Miner's Loop

What do Ontario's First Gold Mine, one of North America's largest iron deposits, and a Nationally-significant ore-processing plant all have in common? You'll see them all on the Miner's Loop! The Richardson… Read More
Rough perthite from the type locality with silver jewelry crafted by Stephen Clark. Michael Bainbridge photo.

On a Hundred-Mile diet? Try Hundred-Mile Decor!

As the long and illustrious mining boom in Ontario's Highlands fades from memory, it can be easy to forget some of our most extraordinary treasures that lie just out of sight - hidden amongst and buried… Read More

The Land Between... What?

Maybe you've seen the signs as you're entering the Haliburton Highlands, "Welcome to the Land Between," and wondered, "the land between what?" Excellent question! Download the app and find out! The… Read More
Canoeing at Bon Echo

This Canoe Trip Will Rock Your World

Paddle your way through Bon Echo Provincial Park, located near Kaladar in the Land O’ Lakes. By canoe or kayak, you can explore the waters along Mazinaw Lake, named after the granite rock face that rises… Read More
View of the Ottawa Valley from Wilno

Tour the Ottawa Valley

With rugged terrain, rolling hills, and Ontario's Highest Populated Place, we're known as Ontario's Highlands for good reason, but nearly a billion years ago, part of the Highlands started to fall away… Read More
Local Mineral Display at the Bonnechere Museum

Visit the Bonnechere Museum

Written in stone, carved in wood, silvered in water; geoheritage, logging, and trade. Come to know the three pillars of life along the historic Bonnechere River in quaint, downtown Eganville. The Museum… Read More
Monarch Butterfly Larva

Walk Through 10,000 Years of Environmental Change at the Lochlin Esker and Wetlands

Join your hosts Don and Mary Wright for a personal tour of their secluded wetlands where you'll meander groomed trails and rustic boardwalks in search of the mysterious Lochlin Esker. An esker is a… Read More

Wonders of our Earth

Geology is like an intriguing detective story – if you can learn to read the rocks you will uncover the secret history of our Earth. Ontario’s Highlands features one of the most unusual, rich and diverse… Read More

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