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Winter Hiking in Ontario's Highlands

Go Hiking in Ontario’s Highlands this Winter

As the winter weather rolls in and Ontario’s Highlands begins to see a dusting of white, there’s no better way to get out and enjoy the early winter scenery than embarking on a hiking adventure within this region. After all, they don’t call us “Snow Country!” for nothing!  Wander the many winding trails that we… Read more

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5 Fantastic Places to Shop in Ontario Cottage Country

When traveling through Ontario cottage country, you’ll want to take in the region’s natural beauty, adventure into the unknown, and experience the great outdoors to its fullest. Ontario’s Highlands brings countless tourists to the region each year, all of whom look to experience the sights and culture in their own way. Aside from experiencing the… Read more

Maznaw Rock

Camping at Bon Echo Park: Why Everyone Needs to Go At Least Once

Located in the heart of Ontario’s Highlands, Bon Echo Provincial Park is one of Ontario’s most visited, and most talked about parks in the province. Each year tens of thousands of families, friends and outdoor enthusiasts venture to Bon Echo Provincial Park to experience the great outdoors and take in the park’s sheer beauty. Bon… Read more

Unique Museum Ontario

5 Ontario Museums You Didn’t Know Existed

Ontario’s Highlands is a travel destination that is rich is heritage, culture and many forms of arts. Museums are a great way to immerse yourself in the unique histories of inventions, transportation and different areas and townships. From unique to quirky, there are tons of museums throughout Ontario’s Highland’s; some are well known, and some… Read more

Weekend getaway in Ontario

Ontario’s Highlands: Your Ultimate Weekend Getaway

This Summer, get yourself out of the hustle and bustle of the big city and escape to your own backyard for a memorable weekend getaway in Ontario’s Highlands. The region is vast, and the experiences are endless. Between the many quaint towns and the beautiful landscapes, we have weekend getaway packages available that will provide… Read more

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