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Making Maple Syrup - A Forest's Story

Arts, Culture & Heritage

1 night 4 adults

Making Maple Syrup - A Forest's Story

Live the magic that is maple syrup time - all year round!

Taste the crystal clear sweet sap. Savour the buttery maple aroma of boiling sap and watch with fascination as the tiny, hot, golden bubbles suddenly gush to the top of the pot signalling the end of the evaporation process. Make your own maple syrup and take the memories home with you.

Stay at the acclaimed Deakins Bed & Breakfast and participate in a half-day workshop in the Deakins maple forest and a traditional 1910 style sugarhouse where you’ll immerse yourself in hands-on activities and produce your own maple syrup. Hear the story of a forest with a glorious past striving to restore itself against the forces of nature and uncompromising man.

This experience includes accommodations with our interpretive maple products tasting, dinner discount coupons, a fabulous breakfast and the guided tour and hands-on workshop.

Note: Full package details are available at, including rates for fewer than 4 persons and booking and payment details.

Package Includes:
  • Accommodations for 1 night
  • Interpretive maple products tasting
  • Restaurant discount coupons
  • Breakfast
  • Hands-on workshop
  • Guided tour

$170* per person based on a group of four

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