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Why Ontario’s Highlands Offers Some of the Best Cottage Rentals in Ontario

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Why the Highlands Offer Some of the Best Cottage Rentals in Ontario

Ontario’s Highlands is a beautiful and picturesque region that spans from Haliburton in the west, to the Ottawa Valley in the east, northward to Hastings, and as far south as Lanark County. The region covers the area between the GTA and the City of Ottawa, and has become one of the most popular cottaging destinations in all of Ontario. Below are a list of the top destinations for cottage rentals in Ontario, and some of the best things to do in each region!

Haliburton Highlands

The Haliburton Highlands are a very unique and beautiful part of Ontario’s Highlands. It is neighboured by the Algonquin/Muskoka region while also near the Kawartha Region as well, giving it a natural beauty all of its own. The mix of wildlife and vegetation between these areas gives Haliburton an extremely unique outdoor environment. The many lakes, the winding roads, cliff faces and dense forests set it apart from the rest. There are countless cottages to rent on the many beautifully clear lakes, all of which provide plenty of opportunity to sit back, relax and take in the beautiful outdoors.  Some of the great attractions in the area include the Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve, along with The Haliburton Sculpture Forest.

Land O’ Lakes

Located 80km north of Napanee, the Land O’ Lakes region is known for its many beautiful lakes and numerous outdoor activities. Nicknamed "the land of 500 lakes and 500 adventures" – which couldn’t be more suiting – you have to visit the area at least once! It’s here where you will find the beautiful Bon Echo Provincial Park and the world-renowned Mazinaw Rock, countless fresh water lakes, and a wealth of activities and adventures. The opportunities for exploration and sightseeing in this part of Ontario’s Highlands is truly endless - you could spend a lifetime exploring this beautiful and vast region. Rent a cottage in Land O’ Lakes and venture out to the great outdoors.

Hastings County

Hastings County is home to the well-known town of Bancroft, and features a variety of cottage rentals that can be enjoyed all year round. Considered to be the mineral capital of Ontario, you are treated by the sight of granite rock faces, cool fresh air, beautifully lush forests and winding lakes and rivers throughout. North Hastings has plenty of opportunities to canoe and kayak on its many rivers and lakes, while it is also known for its great golf and entertainment options as well. When you rent a cottage in North Hastings, make sure to experience the area by day and by night, and make sure to book a live theatre performance in town - there are shows all year round!

Another great area for cottage rentals in Ontario, is the quaint and friendly towns of Tweed and Madoc. The Beachwood Hollow Resort and the Lakeside Holidays Boutique Resort are just two of the many popular cottage rental choices in the area.  Both are steps away from the water and offer cozy, fully equipped facilities, dining, and one of a kind small town service. Aside from relaxing at the cottage, the area is home to the TransCanada bike trail with beautiful backcountry routes, various pristine golf courses and a number of horseback riding locations for the whole family to enjoy.

The Ottawa Valley

The Ottawa Valley features some spectacular sights and fantastic activities. Check out some of the most amazing waterfalls in all of Ontario, hike the Barron Canyon and see the rapids, rock faces and trees for kilometers on end, go white-water rafting with other travellers and even bungee jump over the Ottawa River. With so much to see and do in the Ottawa Valley and so many places to stay, be sure to choose a cottage rental that’s close to the sights you want to explore.

Lanark County

Lanark County is located at the southern edge of the Ottawa River, and is in close proximity to the Rideau Canal. There are plenty of beautiful towns and villages to visit, amazing green spaces, and a variety of hiking and biking trails perfect for the entire family. As well, Lanark County is close to the City of Ottawa - a short distance away from thrilling, exhilarating, and truly one of a kind adventures.

If you’re looking for the best cottage rentals in Ontario, make sure to browse through our featured cottage rentals page located here. As well, if you have any questions about booking a cottage, or if you’d like to talk further about places to stay in Ontario’s Highlands, feel free to contact us at info@ohto.ca or call 1-855-629-6486 today!

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