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View of the Ottawa Valley from Wilno

With rugged terrain, rolling hills, and Ontario’s Highest Populated Place, we’re known as Ontario’s Highlands for good reason, but nearly a billion years ago, part of the Highlands started to fall away to form the Ottawa Valley.

Today, the Valley is known for it’s many quaint villages, historic waterways, and local culture, but it’s hard to really get a sense of the topography when you’re right down in the bottom. Take a scenic tour as you climb over 1,000 feet from Douglas, in the heart of the Valley, to Foymount, Ontario’s Highest Populated Place. Along the way you’ll travel colonization roads where land-grants on the Canadian Shield yielded more rocks than crops to early settlers, stop at scenic vistas where you can get a sense of the Valley’s true scale, find interpretive information explaining its history and formation, and visit an abandoned RCAF radar base! has a ready-made, 117 kilometre loop for you to explore, or stop by the Bonnechere Museum in Eganville for other suggested routes. Jump on your bike, ride your motorcycle, or go for a leisurely drive, just be sure to hit these highlights along the way:

Location: 1247 Fourth Chute Rd, Eganville

The Bonnechere Caves are truly a unique experience for all ages. A visit leaves one with a better understanding and respect for our dynamic planet. We provide a safe, educational, informative and fun tour for people of all ages.

(613) 628-2283
Location: 85 Bonnechere Street, Eganville

Bonnechere Museum, also known as the Ordovician Fossil Capital of Canada, presents both the natural and cultural history of life as it developed along the Bonnechere River.

(613) 628-3240

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