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Pay a Visit to the Ontario Geological Survey


There’s a very good reason why the district office of the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines for Southern Ontario is right here in Ontario’s Highlands; our region has more documented mineral occurrences and mines than any other area in the whole province! Okay, so a government office might not exactly be your idea of a “good time,” but if you’re looking for information about the geology of the Highlands, our rich mining heritage, or active mining interests in the area, there is no better place to start.

Whether you’re looking for new mineral collecting ideas, research data for a heritage project, or information about local dimensional stone for building, landscaping and decorating, the friendly staff in Tweed can help. And if you’re ready to get serious about geology in Ontario’s Highlands, you can peruse geological maps and reports, historical mining documents and photos, and mineral collecting files and guidebooks in their extensive on-site library. The office is located at 126 Old Troy Rd in Tweed, and can be reached at 613-478-3161.

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