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Relive Ontario’s Highlands Industrial Heritage on the Miner’s Loop

Marmora Mine - a 75 Acre Man-made Lake

What do Ontario’s First Gold Mine, one of North America’s largest iron deposits, and a Nationally-significant ore-processing plant all have in common? You’ll see them all on the Miner’s Loop!

The Richardson Gold Mine is the site of the first discovery of gold in the Canadian Shield in 1866. In 1949 the Marmoraton Mine was located under 120 feet of limestone by the then-new science of geophysics and its future as a pumped-storage power plant is still cutting-edge. The Deloro Mine was, in its heyday, home to a special processing plant that accepted shipments from Sudbury and Cobalt; today, it’s the site of one of the Ministry of the Environment’s largest cleanup efforts in Southern Ontario. Ontario’s Highlands’ Industrial Heritage history is full of historical firsts, and significant discoveries – not always our proudest moments, but all important lessons nonetheless.

This interpretive tour hearkens back to the days when miners would travel from town to town to catch up on all the latest news and gossip over a Friday night drink (or four). Discover all of these important mining heritage sties and more as you take the self-guided tour of the Miner’s Loop. Stop by the Marmora Tourism Centre get your tourbook today! Also be sure to ask about special, expert-led tours.

Location: 9 Matthew St, Marmora

Obtain information here for various mining heritage points-of-interest such as Marmoraton Mine, Deloro Mine, Miner's Loop. Also, small display of local rocks and minerals.

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