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A Major ‘First’ for Wilberforce


In 2010, the Municipality of Highlands East became the first municipality in the province to hold unpatented mining claims! Why, you ask? Near Wilberforce, they discovered some great places to collect coloured gemstones and rare minerals that they wanted to make sure would stay open for everyone to enjoy. Pick up a free permission letter with directions, and information about what to look for at the Municipal Office in Wilberforce (during regular business hours), or at Agnew’s General Store anytime. Or call Yours Outdoors to arrange everything – from a guided trip to a full rockhounding getaway package. And be sure to ask about the Gibson’s Road Occurrence while you’re there too (you might just have to plan to stay a little longer!).

At the Mumford Road claim, you’ll find sparkling green and purple gemstones in the rough littering the ground on this 400 acre Crown forest property with ample parking and scenic trails. Whether you’re looking to hunt for buried treasure or go for a walk in the woods, you’ll delight in this hidden gem of Highlands East – Yours to Explore! And just off Cedar Lake Road, you’ll find 100 acres of Crown wilderness with convenient parking and plentiful mineral collecting opportunities – less than two kilometers from town! While it might take a trained eye to spot some of the rare minerals that have made the Desmont mine a popular destination, you don’t have to be a seasoned collector find pretty bright green rocks for the garden, or just enjoy being outdoors.

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Location: 2284 Loop Rd, Wilberforce

An authentic General Store selling "Everything from Soup to Nuts" since 1921. Groceries, Hardware, Giftware, Post Office, Ice Cream Palour, Garden Centre. Home of the Cache Stash, an official supplier of Groundspeak Geocaching Supplies.

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Location: 1344 Barry Line, Haliburton

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