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Maple Syrup All Season Long


There’s no need to wait for March to try a taste of sweet maple; pay a visit to Wheeler’s Pancake House and Sugar Camp for a true maple syrup experience all season long.

While production of the sweet sap into the natural concentrate sugar we call maple syrup doesn’t start until end of winter, there is certainly no shortage of things to do during off-season.

Take a tour of the maple syrup production house, then head to the 730 acre sugar bush to snowshoe or ski over 17 km of groomed trails. Enjoy a refreshing run through the snow covered sugar bush that dates back to 1868, gathering glimpses of age old White Pines, wetlands and beaver houses. Snow shoe rentals are available, and pets are welcome.

Now you’ve worked up an appetite and the maple syrup is calling; it’s time to head to the Canadian lodge style dining room for a centuries old traditional feast. Reclaimed old growth white cedar logs make up this authentic structure, where guests gather to gorge on pancakes and maple syrup beside a handcrafted stone fireplace. Watch as Wheeler’s staff flip flapjacks in the open style kitchen, then drizzle the sweet syrup on your soon-to-be entree. Don’t forget to try the Wheelers’ famous maple sausages, made from 100% lean pork meat produced right on the property.

After lunch head to the Maple Heritage Museum, named one of the 10 best maple experiences in Canadian Geographic Magazine, to find out more about the rich Canadian history of the sugar maple.  Discover how intimately the tree was valued by our nation’s Aboriginal people, and how its rise to international fame in 1929 made Canada the world’s leading maple products producer and exporter. Visit the world’s most extensive collection of maple related artifacts, and step inside an early 1900s sugar shack originally used on the premise.

On the way out, visit resident barnyard animals who freely roam the grounds of Wheeler’s looking for guests to greet, then stop in at the Logging and Chainsaw Display Museum, which presents over 300 antique machines collected from across the world. Sugar bush owner, Vernon Wheeler, has a passion for collecting unique and interesting saws and uses this space to pay homage to the ingenuity of previous hard working generations.

With bellies fully sated and arms filled with take-home maple treats, it’s time to say good bye to Wheeler’s, until next year, and retreat to a lodging close by. Use our ‘Where to Stay’ guide to help find the perfect place to recharge after a day of maple syrup adventures.

Location: 1001 Highland Line, McDonalds Corners

The Worlds’ most extensive collection of Maple related artifacts. National Hisotric Plaque commemorating Maple Products as a Culturally Significant Heritage Event in Canada. Open daily 9-3 all year. Admission by donation.

(613) 278-2090

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