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The Land Between… What?


Maybe you’ve seen the signs as you’re entering the Haliburton Highlands, “Welcome to the Land Between,” and wondered, “the land between what?” Excellent question! Download the app and find out!

The Land Between is both a nationally significant ecotone, and an organization of the same name dedicated to promoting an awareness of its special nature. An ecotone is an area of transition between two habitats, where species from one area overlap with the species in the next, and vise-versa. Ontario’s Highlands exists mostly on the Canadian Shield, but also encompasses parts of the limestone plains of the Saint-Lawrence Lowlands to the south – two distinct habitats. This particular area of transition, however, is one of the largest, most distinct, diverse, and unique ecotones in Canada. This has also led to an extraordinarily rich and diverse cultural heritage amongst its peoples. Dating right back to our earliest inhabitants thousands of years ago, this area has been known to be special.

Not only is the Land Between mobile app one of the most innovative interpretive travel guides in North America, it contains glorious footage from the recently aired documentary series upon which it is based. Activate the “i” platform app on your tablet or your phone and it will identify points of interest as you tour the Highlands, unlocking exclusive natural and cultural heritage content when you get there.

Location: Box 1368, Haliburton

Nationally registered charity dedicated to characterizing, celebrating, and conserving the ecoregion between the Canadian Shield and St. Lawrence lowlands. Delivery of FIT tourism and outreach through data, DVD, HD footage, Mobile App, and communications

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