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Get Up-Close and Personal with Our Earth in Wilberforce


Ever wonder why a particular species of plant grows where it does, and nowhere else? What makes water pool in some places, and force its way around and through others? What defines a habitat, and why do some areas have so much more diversity than others? As the literal and figurative foundation of the environment, our underlying geology dictates far more than just the shape of the land. From the minerals in the soil that allow certain species to thrive, to the physical features that direct the course of waterways, settlement and trade, our unique geology is at the heart of every aspect of life in Ontario’s Highlands.

At Greenmantle Farm in Wilberforce, owners Mark And Sandra Bramham have taken natural interpretation to a new level – underground! On their ~400 acre property in the heart of the Haliburton Highlands, they have untouched crystal occurrences that breed rare species of minerals and plants, forgotten stands of old-growth forest, diverse habitats, and caves. A personal tour of their magical property will leave you with a while new appreciation for geology (and homemade wild leek soup!).


green mantle

Location: 1984 Essonville Line, Wilberforce

Enjoy a day of Geo-caching on our undisturbed property and discover many rare minerals. Come and enjoy a guided tour of our pristine mineral sites on 300 acres which includes a cave, waterfalls, springs, flora and fauna.

(705) 448-3948

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