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Fish the Land O’ Lakes’ 5,000 Frozen Waterways


Over 5,000 frozen lakes, rivers and streams sit waiting to be discovered by you and a gang of family or friends in the untouched landscapes of the Land O’ Lakes . A variety of accommodations and service outfitters offering everything from ice hut rentals to fish and stay packages, send winter enthusiasts to the region year after year for a true angling adventure that won’t soon be forgotten.

Some of the world’s greatest sports fishing can be found here, a region frequently featured on popular North American angler programs such as FISH TV . Set the bait, and then wait in the comfort of a cozy hut while reminiscing of winters gone by.

Sip on steaming hot chocolate as walleye and whitefish nip at your line, then wind down in a winterized cottage set amongst a snow white wooded setting. Stay in and indulge in a fresh fish fry, or dine out on country-style comfort food; just don’t be remiss and forget to insist, on hearing a local fisherman’s tale or two.

Turn up the wood stove when you return from the lake, and gather to recharge by a wood stove fire – morning’s sunrise comes early, and more lake adventures await in the infamous Land O’ Lakes.

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