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Canadian Canoe Route


The canoe is synonymous with Canada. Opening up our country, the First Nations people designed this sleek watercraft for transportation, today enjoyed by Canadians as our primary form of recreation. Come follow its route and immerse yourself in all aspects of the canoe, or as it is often referred to as: The Canadian.

THE CANOE AT THE HEART OF CANADA: first stop, Peterborough the home of the Canadian Canoe Museum (

THE CANOE AND OUR HISTORY: observe the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan ( in Golden Lake where the Birchbark Canoe is still being crafted today.


LEARNING TO PADDLE YOUR OWN CANOE: eddy out at the Madawaska Kanu Centre ( to learn how to paddle a canoe at Canada’s premier paddling school. Choose from a 2-hour introduction, Weekend Escape or an intoxicating week of Canoeing where you’ll master newly learned skills staying at their wilderness resort on the edge of the Madawaska River.

PADDLING THE MODERN CANOE: paddle forward down the rapids of the Ottawa River with OWL Rafting ( where 400 years ago the Voyageurs paddled both up and down these same rapids trading furs for pots, guns and blankets.

White Water

COMPLETE THE JOURNEY: the final signature on our Canoe Route passport comes from Aboriginal Experiences ( in the middle of the Ottawa River in view of Canada’s parliament buildings.

“We felt like the fur traders centuries before us – a sense of accomplishment. This tour is a must do on every World Traveller’s bucket-list.”
Cornelia Pendergaast, Canada Reisen Deutschland

Location: 247 River Rd, Barry's Bay

MADAWASKA KANU CENTRE provides highly personal instruction in both Whitewater Kayaking and Open Canoeing. Weekend and 5-Day Courses with a combination of outstanding instruction & delicious meals. Canada’s First Whitewater Kayak and Open Canoe School.

1 (613) 756-3620
Location: 40 OWL Lane, Foresters Falls

OWL combines an exciting whitewater trip down the Ottawa River with a delicious BBQ meal on the return Pontoon Cruise to the lakeside resort. Family, 1 & 2 Day Packages embark daily from May to September. 90 min from Ottawa. No experience necessary.

(613) 646-2263

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