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South Hastings
Come to Know South Hastings

Imagine yourself in South Hastings – sitting on a dock at the lake’s edge as a loon flies overhead. A fresh breeze glides gently over your shoulders as you hear the loud splash of a fish jumping from the water.

Madoc, Marmora, Stirling, and Tweed – the smaller communities that make up South Hastings – unite to bring tourists the charm of rural Ontario. The small town allure of friendly faces, quaint shops and the unrushed pace of life will make anyone feel genuinely at home – or genuinely wish this was home.

In South Hastings you can trade the fast-paced city’s big box shopping and high-rise hotels for rustic antique and knick-knack shops, bed & breakfast accommodations, and lakefront living. Come and discover the true sense of community in South Hastings – your vacation awaits you.

For more information,please visit the South Hastings website.

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