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5 Fantastic Places to Shop in Ontario Cottage Country

When traveling through Ontario cottage country, you’ll want to take in the region’s natural beauty, adventure into the unknown, and experience the great outdoors to its fullest. Ontario’s Highlands brings countless tourists to the region each year, all of whom look to experience the sights and culture in their own way. Aside from experiencing the… Read more


Four Things to Do in Haliburton Highlands

As the summer comes to a close, the kids return to school, the days get shorter and the nights become cooler — you may find yourself itching for one last weekend getaway before the end of the season. If this sounds like you, you should truly consider a trip to the Haliburton Highlands very soon!… Read more

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Why Ontario’s Highlands Offers Some of the Best Cottage Rentals in Ontario

Why the Highlands Offer Some of the Best Cottage Rentals in Ontario Ontario’s Highlands is a beautiful and picturesque region that spans from Haliburton in the west, to the Ottawa Valley in the east, northward to Hastings, and as far south as Lanark County. The region covers the area between the GTA and the City… Read more

Outdoor Adventure in Ontario's Highlands

Jaw-Dropping Outdoor Adventures in Ontario’s Highlands

Jaw-Dropping Outdoor Adventures in Ontario’s Highlands As summer comes to a close, we find ourselves looking back and reminiscing about the many adventures and memories from the past few months. It’s also a time start looking forward to new adventures for the upcoming autumn months. Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean there isn’t lots… Read more

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Camping at Bon Echo Park: Why Everyone Needs to Go At Least Once

Located in the heart of Ontario’s Highlands, Bon Echo Provincial Park is one of Ontario’s most visited, and most talked about parks in the province. Each year tens of thousands of families, friends and outdoor enthusiasts venture to Bon Echo Provincial Park to experience the great outdoors and take in the park’s sheer beauty. Bon… Read more

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